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  • 12.06.2019

    Traffic Specialist with entrepreneurial thinking…

    … because this role is not just about handling documents but as well about expanding the business activity with petro-products.

    So, on the one hand, you are the person making sure the comma is really where it should be and the paperwork is at the right time at the right place. You definitely need to be totally familiar with this operational traffic work.

    But, on the other hand, there are a number of new and exciting projects in the pipeline of this small fluid oil trading company in Zug. And for this my client needs someone motivated to help expand business. Keywords are: inquisitive, flexible, going-the-extra mile, able to see opportunities, independent work style and understanding of the oil & gas industry.

    As you have realized, this is a versatile and unconventional role. Therefore we can offer various employment scenarios, all depending on your experience and my client’s needs.

    BTW: English und gutes Deutsch is what we need. And because this is a small team – everybody interacts with everybody…

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    Marion is a strongly motivated and reliable recruitment-consultant with impeccable integrity and professionalism. Having worked with Marion a number of times, my colleagues and I were always impressed with the excellant quality of service delivered.


    John Cummins

    Senior Business Manager SIX Group Corporate Development

    Marion is a true professional in recruiting, understanding and satisfying the customer’s needs. In the building a new fully fledged European head office from scratch, she was doing what was necessary to meet those needs. She was not bound by a time clock engaging with stakeholders throughout different time zones. She is one of my favourite recruiters because she is not only comparing the skill set with the job description but also weights the fitting of personality and motivation.


    Sascha Weber

    Head of Finance International
    Canada Goose International

    Marion was a godsend when we opened our company in Switzerland 10 years ago. She immediately understood the type of people I was looking for who filled both background and personality arguments to build the culture of an entrepreneurial fashion company. Through the years, she has remained my no.1 go-to HR partner for any personnel I needed.


    Cindy Livingston

    CEO Sequel AG (Timex Group)

    I have had the pleasure of working with Marion for a few years now and always found her to be an outstanding professional. She goes at length to understand her client’s requirements as well as the candidates. Marion has a remarkable approach to the her business, genuinely international experience, good ear and eye for the candidates and versed in international recruiting. Bottom line ? Marion won’t just push candidates for the sake of it and will not send for an interview someone that hat she would consider second best.


    Bernardo Marcu

    International Business Development

    Marion is an outstanding professional who is focused on providing superior value and service to her clients. She is relentless in getting the job done, and is intent on providing the best for all stakeholders. I would highly recommend Marion.


    Eric Russack

    Global Vice President at Swarovski
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